I want to do a podcast about 3-FPM. Suggesstions?
[I run this podcast.](https://www.jameswjesso.com/) I need to do * an interview with a stimulant knowledgeable who can discuss deeply about 3-fpm and phenmetrazine alongside and in comparison with amphets, methylphenidate, cocaine, and so on and/or ​ * a ‘cafe’ fashion group interview together with researchers (tutorial and in any other case) with people who find themselves skilled customers, specifically individuals who have recovered from dependancy. **Request**: solutions on who these individuals is perhaps? (nameless participation is an possibility) ​ My want to make this podcast is with an understanding that by doing so I’m presenting 3-fpm to a big viewers and the (potential) popularizing of it may be detrimental (each on individuals’s well being and provide/prohibitions). That’s one thing I plan to be very cautious with. I intend to be impartial (#drugpositive) but additionally need to take a powerful have a look at its potential for dependancy. (I think about there are peole who on this subreddit that may vouche for my inetrigty as a media individual specializing in drug subjects.)

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