Does anyone know why 2-FMA specifically or other X-FXX are not medically approved?
Hey all, I understand that the X-FXX fluorinated amphetamine are **NOT** authorized as authorized remedy. My query is, why are they not authorized? Had been they examined and below went a trial, then failed that trial? I bear in mind studying someplace about 2-FMA that it was initially a drugs you possibly can legally purchase (not a analysis chemical), but it surely was pulled as a result of it was inflicting many deaths because of pulmonary (cardiotoxicity) points and coronary heart points. ​ I cant appear to search out the unique supply for this, plenty of reviews about it corresponding to right here: []( (I hope I dont get in bother for linking… sorry mods…) ​ Have these gone below any testing and failed? Or is it actually some dude invented it in his lab and it really works alright, now its a RC? Has no firm actually not picked up 2-FMA as an ‘Adderall various’?? If we’ve not heard of it, me thinks not.. So in the event that they haven’t picked it up, what do they know that we do not know? ​ If somebody can hyperlink authentic sources for testing or findings that might be nice! We cant be the one ‘researchers’ testing 2-FMA, there must be extra respectable testing on the market certainly…

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