Is microdosing good for OCD?
Fantastic morning MD fam. I simply turned 42 and has been diagnosed with severe depression and acute anxiety approximately one year ago. I had been lucky, and managed to bring a strain leave in the time of diagnosis. This enabled me to create a recovery program with a therapist, my very first encounter with treatment. Although I have heard a lot about myself during treatment I have discovered that I have severely postponed on Stage 4, Forgiveness stage. I find that my rage is getting the better of me preventing me from progressing through this last phase of healing. Im having trouble setting my true self without battle and as soon as the battle happens the depression sinks and I nod into my detriment. I have been off work for a year now and feel distressed to go back to the work force but’m fearful I am still not entirely recovered and dread undoing any good done through treatment up to this stage. I have resisted taking any pharmaceutical up for this stage. I am very focused on therapy with no prescription. I have taken Mushrooms recreationally, in my childhood (approx 20 years back ) so I am comfortable with their consequences. I have completed lots of my research about the MD (Psilo) therapy and I have decided that this is something I wish to test in the brief term to assist me over the hump I am on in my healing recovery. If successful I would be interested in keeping up a MD regiment with regard to maintaing my psychological health in the future. I am Canadian and managed to get my own Psilo. Questions (I’ve a couple ): For microdosing I’ve 10 capsules. ) Each pill is 500 mg, 250milligrams shrooms, 125 mg bee pollen, 125 mg red ginseng. I am 6’7″ and approx 320 pounds. I understand a qtr gram looks high for a microdose according to what I have read on this particular sub. I am comfortable trying this dose based in my size and familiarity with Psilo. Any idea why bee pollen and red ginseng are contained from the caps? I have researched both and’m comfortable swallowing them, I simply don’t understand the particular reason they are included. Any penetration there could be appreciated. I am prompted to make a huge difference. I have been contemplating starting my”own microdose experimentation for health” (that is what I am calling it today ) using a macrodose. Is my thinking a macrodose to begin could be beneficial honest? Believing macrodose this weekend to kickoff, then beginning a weekly or daily 4th afternoon MD schedule together with the capsules I’ve. MD for per month below this program. The viewing and reading I have done, I have seen macrodoses of 3 g. . .that looks large to me. I am comfortable taking that if desired. Dose a macrodosage must be high? Is 2g or 2.5 gram a fair macro dose? In my recreational use times, I know I would be”tripping balls” off a three g dose. To be clear, I am not overly intimidated by a three g dose, only curious if two gram’s would reduce it? I’ve 3.5 gram’s of PES Amazonian Psilocybe Cubensis. I mean to MD in my treatment days. Any experience with dosing on treatment days on the market? Great idea? Bad idea? I know the significance of disposition when embarking on something like this. Finally, when picking shrooms I have been presented with the selection of freshwater or Vietnamese. I picked Brazilian not actually understanding the difference. Any insight on this particular option on the market? I truly enjoy a community such as this as I embark on this effort. Any insights and opinions will be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long term post (word mulch ). I am just excited to really make a difference in my healing .

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