The weirdest 4-HO-MET + Nitrous trip...

Nitrous on psychedelics has likely gotta be one of my favorite combinations but I’d the funniest encounter on 30milligrams of 4-HO-MET I thought I would discuss it withy’all:) I began enlarging through this dimension indefinitely until everything was clearly one. It was ‘I’ whatsoever. There was this being (that I’d merged into) and it had been playing itself by dividing itself into viewpoints, once I came it desired to play a match with me to which I replied’sure’. The match was that I’d be separated to a standpoint, given a human body and needed to sit in the human body without responding as fact gave me’adventures’. Truth could tear through each dimension but I stayed totally still and would not budge till it said’alright you win I can not budge you’ and I celebrated and began to return in my ego in utter amazement at what I had been experiencing. I then realised how I’d only fucked up and really lost the match. This all-powerful thing was faking to give up, but it actually had not, that was it is sneaky way of getting me to respond. We all just started dying laughing and said’great match’ to ourselves before my (actual?) Human anatomy and truth manifested back . I came back completely mindfucked. Additionally, I felt like I was in that kingdom endless days before and had only forgotten every moment, just able to get those memories once I had been there. Far More bizarre shit happened in that trip (I have kidnapped by things, revealed around their domain and has been advised that China’s gonna consider over the planet LOL) Following is a more interesting video trip report in case you are interested, which goes into a lot more detail: []( ​

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