My second podcast that is fitting to the RC scene.
Hey everybody, a couple weeks ago I submitted our podcast using Dr Zee (EDIT: actually my partner submitted it). Since that time we’ve had a few different guests on. Since it isn’t a re Search podcast maybe not each guest could appeal or match for this subreddit. We did however only have the men who made the documentary DOSED. In case you haven’t seen it, then they follow a Heroin addict on her journey of recovery utilizing Psychedelics. This offers a true insight into the travel and advantages from so many terrific chemicals which are regrettably banned. As always feedback is appreciated <3 Should anyone on this subreddit has some hints for guests then don't hesitate to drop me a DM. You can see the podcast : []( []( (Itunes) []( Enjoy an excellent day/evening/week. Shifty Perspective

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