If you are planning a psychedelic trip soon - you can 'donate' your experience to science by taking part in Imperial College's Centre for Psychedelic Research's longitudinal anonymous survey

Hello beautiful people, If you’re you likely to have a psychedelic, please consider engaging in our **large-scale prospective online survey studies** (completely anonymous) about the results of psychedelic drugs, to help us further our comprehension of the long-term emotional results. Watch best selling writer Michael Pollan present the Psychedelic Surveys , [https://youtu.be/5ADYLk9Xxzs](https://youtu.be/5ADYLk9Xxzs) These are conducted by The Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London in cooperation with *Psychedelic Survey*, together with ethical approval. * To see all out present studies see: [https://psychedelicsurvey.com](https://psychedelicsurvey.com/) * **to find out more and subscribe to our international psychedelic survey** see: [https://global.psychedelicsurvey.com/](https://global.psychedelicsurvey.com/) With these polls, the Imperial team expects to advance our comprehension of the effects of psychedelics, and so help **increase security, awareness, and wellbeing **. **What is included? ** – Let us know if your intended trip is and also an email address we could send you the polls – 1 ). Baseline – finished within 1 week prior to the trip (that is the greatest one – stick with this!) – 2. Pre-experience (approximately 5 minutes to complete, within 3 hours of beginning your trip) – 3.) The day after your adventure – 5 & 4 ) follow up polls two (brief one!) , 4 months after the excursion (marginally longer one) – 7 & 6 ) follow up surveys 3 and 6 weeks after your expertise Each questionnaire includes a collection of studies that are supported. Fill in as far as possible! Thank you a lot for All your support up to Now Imperial PRG Team

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