Ethylpentynol - a "new" GABAergic, sedative/hypnotic with an "old" structure

It’s an analogue of [Methylpentynol aka Oblivion]( that found use round the 60therefore but has been substituted with benzos like oh numerous GABAergics. Its allegedly somewhat like placidyl/ethchlorvynol and likely has an extremely modest therapeutic index (like many different alcohol-sedatives like methylpentynol) particularly in comparison to benzodiazepines. So its basically either methylpentynol using ethyl for methyl or ethchlorvynol without contamination as well as also the double bond is still saturated. We do not know the specific mechanism of action but its safe to presume that its possibly a GABA-A PAM or even Agonist, or even equally. ​ It’s a liquid and may likewise be volatile in certain concentrations in the atmosphere and flammable overall therefore be mindful. ​ Also – please don’t ask me regarding the origin, its not available yet anyways but quite shortly and sourcing isn’t permitted -y’know the rules .

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