Cyclopropyl in 1cP-LSD

Does anybody know much about Cyclopropyl I can not actually find a good deal of information on it, the majority of it is obscure and does not provide a good deal of information. I am attempting to ascertain the security of the material in a sense, if only they’d conduct some tests from labs with RC Psychedelics. From what I could find it’s derived from Cyclopropane that was utilized as an anaesthetic prior to the 1980s due to prolonged anaesthesia patients may endure a sudden reduction in blood pressure, possibly resulting in cardiac dysrhythmia. It has not been available for clinical use because the 80therefore, owing to the high cost and rationale over. But I am not certain if Cyclopropyl shares some attributes to Cyclopropane. I’ve also read that Cyclopropyl is poisonous to organs, and it’s sterile, but there’s such a little quantity of the material on a sheet of blotter it might not impact anything. I am not a chemist so I am not certain if Cyclopropyl being bounded into a Lysergamide will alter its own characteristics/effects etc.. If anybody else knows anything more please respond and provide a source. Or if you understand anything about another Lysergamides feel free to comment about these. My Resources: Cyclopropyl Wikipedia: Cyclopropane Wikipedia: Other Resources:

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