Can we talk about 3-Meo-PCP?
I love me some dissociatives, they are my favorites, however, that is just about the strangest, most vexing chemical I have ever taken. It is simultaneously among the very enjoyable and dreadful chemicals I have ever had the chance to try out. The stuff is just like a method to simulate pure psychosis, really odd. I definitely get dissociated, and as a result of this lonely it can be quite fun, but boy does it have the capacity to go south real fast. I am really not really sure how to explain it. It reminds me of this colder, more isolated portions of a greater dose DXM trip, if this makes any sense. If anybody has seen The Sopranos, it reminds me of being put into one of Tony’s eerie dreams: []( (something similar to the ). I do not know what to say,” I only need to start a dialog here. Here is some weird stuff, anybody have ideas on the latest batches? I really don’t know what to think about that. Any suggestions for making it enjoyable? I have found I love it nasally, and that taking it can bring me into an odd location. Any comments are appreciated.

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