A-PCYP Revisted: A Functional Cathinone?
A-pcyp is a cathinone stimulant and also alpha-cyclohexyl analog of this infamous cathinone a-pvp (ie,”flakka”, the stimulant which transforms you into a flesh eating zombie seemingly ). [IMG]https://i.postimg.cc/jDCdDp4J/220px-Alpha-PCYP-structure. png[/IMG] I tried it vaped at fairly hefty doses, and it was quite rough on the lungs. Not just that, it was not particularly euphoric. Does not hold a candle to a-php/a-pvp or perhaps hexen but can also be less compulsive and lacks the wrist-slitting melancholy and nervousness about a hexen comedown. I Also Have tried substantial intranasal doses at the 100mg+ variety Which can be somewhat disheartening for a minute but then generates a very long and embarrassing comedown. Once taken via intranasal administration in 5 to 20milligrams it’s nevertheless a surprisingly effective stimulant stimulant, which is extremely uncommon for a cathinone. Quite long lasting with adequate disposition boosting effects and robust attention, it’s the lowest redosing impulse of any cathinone I have come across, together with a comparatively minor comedown. It will have a fairly powerful physical hurry initially (not particularly euphoric but not necessarily unpleasant) that may be distracting but it melts off in within 30 minutes. The very first 30 minutes or can also cause some social awkwardness but it fades into a powerful moodlift and attention. At these doses desire suppression is minimal to non existent, stress is minimal, comedown is hardly perceptible. It may taken as late as 3-4pm without impacts on sleeping. In addition, it can be obtained in several of small doses, such as 2-3 10mg doses. And it works really well orally at roughly the exact doses. In precisely the exact same time this chemical has a more extreme focus and more powerful drive to get things done than 4F-MPH, probably since it’s quite abit longer adrenergic compared to 4F-MPH (4F-MPH is much more dopaminergic). Interestingly, when too much a-PCYP is accepted (that could lead to an awkward, nervous condition ), including just a tiny 4F-MPH helps. Not certain if this is since 4F-MPH asserts for receptor distance, or when the extra dopamine activity balances out a-PCYP’s adrenergic activity. If I only need to wake up I will take 4F-MPH, should I have things that must be achieved the a-PCYP is much better. At greater intranasal doses (above 30-40milligrams ) the disposition increase is quite robust and euphoric even, however a comedown is obviously apparent now and is likely not worthwhile. Very substantial doses probably necessitate benzos. Overall it is a fairly good working stimulant but bad recreational drug.

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