1F-LSD 100mcg (A New Lysergamide) - First Trip Report

I had been fortunate enough to have the ability to test a wholly new lysergamide yesterday. This hadn’t been analyzed previously as much as I know, so I clearly started off in a really low dose since I was only a bit by nervous! Age — 29 Weight — 80pound /176pounds Gender — Male Qualities of notice — that I have a propensity for social anxiety, general stress and depersonalisation. Disclaimer — I’d about 150mcg of AL-LAD a week before this, therefore tolerance might be a variable. Other psychoactive substances consumed — 2 cups of coffee, one at 9:00 and another at 14:00 15:00 + 10mcg – I detect a small buzz. Feeling active and lively. Just like a standard microdose. Finding those tasks done that were put off for a lifetime. Clearing out my spare room that’s been a tower of cardboard boxes for the past several months and completely loving it. The catharsis is so sweet. I’ve tingling nervousness in my gut. However, I presume this is principally because of nerves as I do not trip frequently (that the AL-LAD was the very first time in more than a year) and since I am somewhat anxious about taking an entirely novel substance (not aided by the fact I had a dream the night before it had been poisonous). 16:00 + 40mcg (50mcg complete ) — Beginning to feel giddy. Mouth is watering profusely such as it typically does when I visit. Warm, fuzzy physiological senses coming from waves. Colours are unquestionably sharpened. Appetite is marginally suppressed. Only had a short telephone conversation with my soon-to-be spouse and managed to become somewhat coherent and social. Brain does not feel at all scrambled. 18:00 + 50mcg (100mcg complete ) – Been playing piano for the previous hour, possibly two hours? Felt like I could not stop playing. Getting lost in the audio. My time and control felt marginally enhanced. Normally I am quite self-critical whilst enjoying I felt as though I could only concentrate on the music, not be worried about the technique. It is a really hot, humid day and I am sweating a good deal, but I am too wrapped up in the audio to care (besides staying hydrated naturally ). 19:30 — I create myself a yummy salad (using three distinct types of cheese). I like eating . 20:00 – Any idea of my increased capacity quickly vanishes since I begin attempting to play a sport named Barotrauma (appears like a fantastic game btw) together with my brother (that is the way we bond because he is on the opposite side of the Atlantic). I can not get past how funny that the character’s movement appears and the way pressing the spacebar, rather than jumping, only makes all his limbs abruptly collapse in on themselves. I move to spend another 3 hours mostly attempting to receive my personality to perform the running breaks and normally leaving a path of destruction in my wake while my brother and a friend try to maintain our submarine from crashing to the cave walls and being marauded by sea creatures. I am in hysterics pretty much the entire session and my head is starting to ache from continuous smiling. 10/10 would put fire to the subs atomic reactor again. 23:00 — I choose to stop playing to analyse the excursion more carefully (for mathematics ) Bodily senses are powerful, but still tingling and warm. I really don’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable. My thoughts is amazingly calm and clear. Strong, hot bodily sensations detract from my belly and invisibly into my whole body. Much like AL-LAD (although this might be recency bias). I’ve those borderline visuals in which you wind up squinting at different surfaces to find out whether you’re just imagining it or not. There’s minor motion, but certainly not like a complete on excursion, which is fairly standard for me 100mcg. 23:30 I phone a friend I have not spoken to in quite a very long time. He just happened to have triggered off his balls a few days ahead. He proceeds to tell me about getting got stuck into his toilet in the dark and the only means to escape was pissing himself and the way he had been a servant in his previous life. I’m (figuratively) pissing myself throughout his narrative and my head continues to ache. I feel far more connected to people than normal (generally I feel very isolated due to the depersonalisation). A big win for me as feeling attached is that the principal reason I take medication. 00:30 — I wish to go to sleep, however I am still tripping. It’s starting to deteriorate though. I wind up lying in bed and talking to friends on discord. The physiological senses are still there as I fall asleep at about 01:30 feeling quite content on the planet. Morning — My alarm goes off 08:00 as normal but I am knackered nevertheless so that I let myself sleep till 09:00. I’m definitely feeling some afterglow. Quite mild tingling sensations nevertheless. I feel as if my eyesight remains sharpened slightly but I might definitely be imagining it. Exotic chilly shower (the water seems amazing) and coffee to begin the day. I react to all work mails (becoming a bit more distracted than normal across the way) and complete off clearing upstairs out while hammering Alt-J. The home is looking better than ever and I am feeling more or less straight back at baseline. Decision (TL/DR) — Felt quite much like LSD-25, although I did not believe at all jittery from the come-up, which I recall wasn’t a factor when carrying acid (but that might be because my overall mental condition has improved since the previous time carrying LSD-25). I felt more physiological senses compared to 1P-LSD. Two large personal takeaways have been the diminished overall pressure and depersonalisation. EDIT: Molecular Structure Picture: https://imgur.com/a/0fmP1Vo EDIT: Full name: (8β)-1-formyl-N,N-diethyl-6-methyl-9,10-didehydroergoline-8-carboxamide hemi-L-tartrate

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